Virtual Lighting Design Visualization

At Skyline Arts, we partner with our customers in developing Virtual Representations of their Lighting Designs. 

Our Virtual Designs & Video Renderings become the main sales tools our customers rely on for custom projects.

Often, end clients want options. 

Our services allow the rendering of multiple design options, and lighting configurations.

We render complete systems, with full motion video of Illuminated Buildings, Structures, Scenery, Landscaping, and Theatrical Venues. 

We use real world Photometrics for almost any commercially available lighting product, including:

LED Fixtures

LED Video Walls

Automated Lighting Systems

Moving Scenery, Fountains, Structures

Semi Translucent Surfaces, (Glass, Marble, Plastics)

And... Because we Design and Build these systems ourselves, we know what our customers are

trying to achieve, and have the expertise to translate our customers designs

into a Branded, Professional, Photorealistic Video Presentation.

Our CAD & Virtual Design Services are based on affordable hourly rates.

Contact us for a Virtual Design Development Quote on your next project.

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