Final Quality Control

Final Commissioning

The final commissioning phase at Skyline Arts LLC involves rigorous testing and verification of the newly installed lighting system to ensure it meets all specifications and performance criteria. This includes checking all electrical connections, light outputs, and control functionalities. System optimization is then carried out, where adjustments are made to fine-tune the performance, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This phase concludes with final adjustments, tailored to the client’s specific requirements and preferences, ensuring the system operates at its best.


Programming is a critical stage where the lighting system is customized to suit the unique needs of the project. Our team undertakes custom programming to create desired lighting effects, sequences, and controls. This also involves integrating the lighting system with existing building management systems or other control platforms. The programming stage is followed by thorough testing and validation to ensure that all aspects of the lighting system function in harmony and as intended.


Training is an integral part of our process, aimed at empowering the client with the knowledge and skills required to manage their new lighting system effectively. This includes detailed client education on system functionalities and maintenance, hands-on demonstrations for a practical understanding of the system, and providing comprehensive documentation for future reference. This ensures that the client is confident in operating the system independently.

Owner Handoff

The owner handoff process is the final step in our installation journey. This involves a final review with the owner to ensure that all aspects of the project meet their expectations. We provide all necessary handover documentation, including system manuals, maintenance guides, and warranty information. Post-installation support is also discussed, ensuring the client feels supported even after the project is completed.

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